cassandra ellis


Throughout the year Cassandra runs a limited number of workshops at her London studio. Driven by her reverence for textiles and homes, she loves to teach and share what she loves most – creating heirloom quilts and true homes. She teaches in an inspiring yet practical way to help you learn and create.

To enquire about a private or corporate workshop, please get in touch.

One Quilt One Day Workshop

Up to four people can join Cassandra to make one quilt for your special occasion (birthday, wedding, celebration of life, just because you have always wanted to). She works with you beforehand to help choose the right design and to make sure make sure that you have all the fabric and tools you need.

You spend the day at the studio where you¹ll learn how to build your quilt from scratch. You'll learn how to follow a pattern, create blocks and experiment with different fabrics and colours to create your own heirloom quilt. At the end of the day, you should have a complete quilt top and it will  be ready for finishing, quilting and binding.

£295 for up to four people. This is a full day from 10am - 5pm in London. The cost does not include fabric or quilting but we can arrange quilting for you once we¹ve completed your quilt top.

Please download booking terms and conditions here.

Quilt Love Workshops 

A small bespoke class, taught by Cassandra to a maximum of six participants.

It is a hands-on opportunity to create the beginnings of your own heirloom quilt. You will create something exciting and beautiful that will change the way you think about quilts, colour, patchwork and your own creativity.

You need to bring the fabric or clothing with you that you want to incorporate into your finished piece. It could be an old dress, a much-loved tablecloth or just a piece of fabric you’ve kept for years.

Refreshments and snacks included.

Please download booking terms and conditions here.

Sunday June 28th

Sunday October 25th


Home Love Workshop 

Your home (besides the clothes on your back) is the most visual and emotional manifestation of your identity.

This workshop is designed to help you think about what home means to you. It will give you the design tools you need to continue your story, and a clear understanding of how to make how and where you live completely and utterly you.

Max 4 participants

Refreshments and snacks included.

Please download booking terms and conditions here.

Sunday September 27th