The Daybed - the enhancer.

The daybed is the most popular piece in our furniture collection. I’m sure that shooting the pink version had a lot to do with it. Although I hope that it’s because as a piece of furniture it makes perfect sense, as much as it makes you feel – and feel really good.

I thought a great deal about how people live and would like to live before I started the range. I’m more interested in movement, flow and overall comfort in living than I am with creating a radical/design statement/this seasons must have piece. Instead I prefer tactile, comfortable (in both senses) and beautiful pieces that work for all types of people and all types of homes. I’m really interested in how lives evolve and the storytelling aspect of the items we collect on the way. So everything has to have a reason to exist as well as being (what I think is) beautiful.

I feel that the daybed is the nub of the collection.  It works in homes that are tightly squeezed multi-taskers, as much as it works in really large homes, where rooms need more energy – more places for people and animals to be. Empty or spare rooms lose the vigour that people and living give a home - and so - the Daybed.

The spare room becomes your art/office/novel writing room with somewhere for overnight guests to crash. Or it sits quietly in your studio flat for the same reason. Or – at the end of your bed where you/your children/grandchildren can read/play board games/nap/do nothing. I think people react emotively to it because of how you feel when you see it. It’s asking you to nap, daydream or gaze at a view. More importantly it invites other people into your home where perhaps the previous options were a blow up mattress or not having people stay over at all. Although a sofa is a sofa, it can also be the support role in your story – and that’s what I spend most of my time thinking about.

From a visual and workable point of view it is low and straight backed – and armless. It’s there, but not there and so can sit and fit almost anywhere. Yet it is wide and long enough to sleep on. And it’s really very well made – I call it the ‘three man carry’ well made. If you can pick up a sofa with two people without feeling the strain, put it back down and walk away.

I think the daybed is definitely life enhancing if not life changing – and not just when it’s pink.

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Cassandra EllisComment