Cassandra Ellis Studio is a London-based design company that creates beautiful and quiet furniture and paint.

The Studio’s practice is focused on a new classicism that is neither minimalist nor traditional, but quiet, emotive and timeless. At the heart of this is an aesthetic that takes simple, useful and beautiful as its benchmarks.

Inspired by modernist painters, sculptors, architecture and makers, the approach is united by an underlying attention to detail, surface, and form. This results in furniture and paint palettes that are quiet and painterly, infused with simplicity paired with thoughtful detailing.

The Studio is committed to high-quality craftsmanship that employs the best of traditional and modern techniques.


All furniture is handmade in the UK. The Ellis Paint collection is hand-mixed in London.







Our furniture is beautifully made by respected English furniture makers and textile craftspeople to make pieces that reflect our quiet and understated aesthetic.

Our furniture is spare but detailed, with a great deal of attention paid to both the construction and finishing details. We understand fabric as much as frames and form as much as function, so that we can make deeply comfortable pieces that work in both contemporary and traditional environments.

The collection has been designed to be simple, useful and beautiful. Each piece has been carefully thought through to fulfill a role and to be able to move from room to room and home to home, as lives and houses change.

We enjoy the process of making enormously and we ensure that both the product and process is properly and carefully created.



We work with both Commercial and Residential Interior Designers as well as luxury Retail brands to produce pieces suitable for their environment and location.

We offer a fully bespoke service beyond our own range for trade clients.